We VIVA SPORTS ACADEMY accepts that Success is the place where planning and opportunity meet. Having this faith in our souls we began our academy in Feb 21. For us sports carry everybody to the table where various voices can sing the same tune while contributing their own one-of-a-kind harmonies. It might open up the likelihood to make humankind more alive and capable for acting together. 


Giving this dream a day-to-day existence we need to make this facility renowned everywhere by the hard work of our team associated with us. Our aim is to give best playing facility in the city among every one where anybody can come and enjoy the sports.


Here we have Three indoor Badminton court furnished with synthetic floor with legitimate lights and appropriate sitting area which makes the player comfortable in every aspect. Not just this, remembering the enthusiasm for the love of cricket, we have a box cricket field with artificial multisport turf, that will be suitable even for the working professionals who can come to play whenever from day till late evenings. Last however not the least, we have abundant parking spot for vehicles.